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20 August 2012 @ 03:39 pm
a pair of drabbles inspired by the stars.
they have totally different feels, i think, so if you're only in the mood for one then you might not want to read the other

title: aldebaran
length: drabble (763 words)
genre: fluff
pairing: baektao
rating: g
summary: in which baekhyun and tao look at the alpha star of the constellation Taurus
note:and yup i'm too cheesy OTL but aldebaran is my favorite star, even though i know almost nothing of astronomy, and since both tao and baekhyun are tauruses, i wanted to write about it 
(and technically taurus is not visible during summer, i've read, but for the sake of this story let's just pretend)

just one in infinityCollapse )

title: cosmonaut
length: drabble (1,065 words)
genre: angst, sort of fantasy
pairing: hunhan
rating: pg
summary: Lu Han chases stars.
note: interpret it as you will, i had maybe three ideas on the mind when i was writing this 3_3

"I'm almost there"Collapse )

17 August 2012 @ 06:28 am
title: Ethology
length: one shot (8,413 words)
genre: fluff, humor
pairing: baektao (with a very on the side krisyeol and baekyeol bromance)
rating: pg
summary: In which Baekhyun owns a pet shop, and has always preferred being with animals, because they don't confuse you, and break your heart with words. But then, one day, he meets the panda boy from China.
note: wow no people should keep me away from romance. I can't write short stories no matter how hard I try, it ended up being too long again ;; this was supposed to just be a writing exercise sob so

No words are ever needed.Collapse )